How You Express Your Anger, Depending on Your Moon Sign

The other day, I came across an article summarising how the different zodiac signs express their anger and react to scandals. As most of you probably know, newspaper horoscopes are a waste of time because one’s personality is not limited to their Sun sign only; it’s a complicated mixture, influenced by all planets and constellations and much more than that. That’s why I normally don’t read ‘astrological’ articles, especially in the daily newspaper, but for some reason, this one caught my attention. So I started reading, beginning with my sign of course, which is Virgo. Not surprisingly, what was written there was 100% wrong. However, I decided to read the Scorpio part as well, which is my Ascendant. I’ve heard from astrologers that if you’re reading the daily horoscope, you should read the part about your Ascendant, not about your Sun sign. And this now was 100% accurate! I was surprised because the Ascendant does not normally play that important part in your emotional state, but then I remembered my Moon was in Scorpio too (very bad positioning in my opinion). To be entirely sure of the accuracy of the article, I decided to check the parts, describing my family and some close friends’ (Moon) signs and they were 100% true as well. If you don’t know your Moon sign, that’s very easy to check; just google ‘Moon sign calculator’, type your date of birth and that’s it. So here are the descriptions of how all 12 Moon signs express anger (this might help you deal with them in critical situations):

Moon in Aries


Aries is a fiery sign, the fieriest of all three. So you can imagine what happens when a Moon in Aries gets angry- they explode with the power of a nuclear bomb. A scandal with a person having their Moon in Aries is like an electric storm and if you’re in the centre of it, you’ll feel like a lightning rod. The only thing you can do after, is to pretend nothing has happened; the Aries will grump for a while and will then forget it. However, if the offense was a serious one, they are likely to remember and their anger might erupt again like a volcano- sudden and scorching.

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus doesn’t explode so easily. You must have done something extremely terrible to make them angry. But once they get on the going, there’ll be no safe place for you on Earth. There’s no point in trying to calm them down, argue, cry or beg, you’ll just make them angrier. The Moon in Taurus will hardly forgive you and if they do, they’ll remember the offense for a very long time, reminding you of your ‘sin’ every now and then.

Moon in Gemini


People having their Moon in Gemini are quarrelsome and nagging. They get angry very easily, anything could make them explode and they can even become quite aggressive. Kill the Gemini with silence- this is how to finish them in a quarrel. The fact you don’t respond to their attacks could result in hysteria. To win against them, you need to be very calm and reasonable, because if you get angry too, that will give them pleasure and the quarrel will never end. A good thing about the Moon in Gemini though, is they forget very quickly. After the storm, you simply need to behave in a cheery and friendly manner and everything will be fine again.

Moon in Cancer

The Cancer is an extremely sensitive sign, so it’s very easy to offend them. Once they get angry, they will attack you, using every possible means. Don’t get shocked if a Moon in Cancer uses a very personal thing you’ve shared with them, just to hurt you. However, they do it not because they are evil, but because anger blinds them, especially during a quarrel. The Cancer has a sense of fairness and will feel sorry for what they’ve done once they calm down.

Moon in Leo

The Leo is a very lazy beast; there’s no need for quarrel. They are smarter, prettier and much more elegant than you and on top of that, they have royal blood. Why would such a magnificent person, waste their time to argue with you? But once you get them roaring, put on some earplugs and a helmet. They will aim at your weak spot, they will offend you and humiliate you; it could even get to a physical aggression. And don’t expect them to apologise after that. If you want to remain friends with a Moon in Leo after a quarrel, you need to take the first step.

Moon in Virgo


If they love you, they will forgive you. But they will shout at you nonetheless. Every time you fail to do something in accordance to their rules, they will either grumble or scream at you, depending on the level of your crime. They might even throw something at you (they are very well-aimed). Don’t worry while they are screaming, but if they stop, then it means they’ve had enough and the situation gets critical. After the quarrel, don’t be the first to act because they’ll think you’re trying to trick them.

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra doesn’t like huge scandals. But they participate in them nonetheless. People around them annoy them very often and they need to act whether they like it or not. The thing they hate the most during a quarrel, is the opponent to present a serious argument they can’t over-think. This will drive them crazy because they hate losing an argument. And if you remind them of a similar case when they’ve acted wrong, they will eat you, quite literally.

Moon in Scorpio

scorpionewmoonOn the outside, a Moon in Scorpio doesn’t get angry. They keep cool and strike with their poisonous tail.  To lose their temper and start screaming, something extremely terrible should’ve happened. A Moon in Scorpio will forgive people they consider close as long as they take the first step to reconciliation. If they don’t consider you close though, a Moon in Scorpio will only pretend they’ve forgiven you while plotting revenge.

Moon in Sagittarius

A Moon in Sagittarius might not even notice when they quarrel with you. It must have been a huge scandal with a few broken glasses, to make a Moon in Sagittarius remember it for a few minutes. The Sagittarius is quarrelsome, screams a lot, offends and sometimes involves external parties in the hassle. They could make such a show that the neighbours come out to the windows with popcorn. However quickly they explode though, they cool down twice as quick and might even forget they’ve quarrelled with you. You don’t even need to reconcile after that.

Moon in Capricorn


A Moon in Capricorn does not normally shout, they will express all their emotions through their eyes. During a hassle, they will not respond to their opponent’s attacks, they will just look at them sternly with a pinch of arrogance. A Moon in Capricorn will remember every offense and every wound you’ve given them and will pay you back accordingly. They would never admit their fault, even if they realise it.

Moon in Aquarius

Those with Moon in Aquarius shout only when they think it would benefit them; it never comes emotionally, from their hearts. A Moon in Aquarius could turn into a spitfire though, but only when they are overloaded, stressed or have problems. They might insult you terribly but they don’t mean it. That’s why they will come and apologize later because they are not resentful.

Moon in Pisces


If a quarrel is kind of sport for the Sagittarius, it is definitely a vocation for the Pisces. They cry, they shout, they insult. They could even throw something at you in their rage and cry over for it being broken for days after. A Moon in Pisces will easily forgive you though, because after such a quarrel, they normally seek the fault in themselves.


The Moon is responsible for one’s emotional and instinctual energies and is a key component in the makeup of the basic ego/personality. The three main components in formin one’s personality are the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant. The Moon represents the internal self, the emotional state; we express this side of our character only to people we consider close. The Ascendant represents the external self, how we act in an unfamiliar environment; the Ascendant is how other people (this excludes family and close friends) see us. The Sun is the element that makes the connection between the two. In order to get a better understanding about yourself and how you’d react in particular situations, read the descriptions for your Sun & Moon signs and the Ascendant.

L. V. K.


6 thoughts on “How You Express Your Anger, Depending on Your Moon Sign

  1. It’s all right but you reversed between moon in gemini and moon in sagittarius ..the type of anger you said in gemini moon is not gemini moon temper it’s sagittarius moon temper and sagittarius moon type of anger is no sagittarius temper it’s gemini’s temper so you must correct this error cause if you argue with gemini they will back down cause they are air signs and if you’re argue with sagittarius this would result in hysteria cause he’s is a fire sign and fire signs only have hysteria not gemini .. Gemini is flexible so gemini would back down if you get aggressive on him .. Sag is the one who will never back down


  2. Moon in Leos are much more intense than “lazy anger” lol. In fact, ancient astrology warned against angering a Leo above any other sign since they were the only sign that was both “bestial” and “feral.” Trust me. Leos are by far the most dangerous and are NOT to be messed with.


    • Hello and thank you for stopping by. Yes, I agree there’s much more to a person’s character than simply their Moon/Sun sign and the way each one of us expresses their anger. However, I don’t agree Moon in Leo people have the worst anger of all. I’d vote for Moon in Aries- that’s the most fiery of all. Moon in Scorpio is cold anger but it scares the hell out of whoever it’s directed to. Moon in Gemini is pretty bad too cause it just sprouts out of nowhere as the person can be laughing with you at one moment and ranting at you at the next. You are right, Moon in Leo could be very fiery but this really depends on many aspects of the personality, so I think both statements are correct :))


  3. Scorpio Moon signs are among the most inhumane and cruel of any zodiac placement, solar or lunar. Unfortunately, many lunar Scorpios are strangely proud of their wrath, as it makes them feel powerful and special. If only they would pause and take a look in the mirror when enraged maybe they would see how hateful and contorted their faces appear.


    • Hello, Angela and thanks a lot for your comment! You are being quite harsh with Scorpios (Lunar and Solar) in your opinion about them, but I’ll have to agree with what you’re saying. Being a Lunar Scorpio myself, I can agree some people would probably describe me as you did, but this is just an outer layer. People are much more comlex and multidimensional and can never be pure good or pure evil!

      I’m interested to know what is it exactly that influenced your opinion about Scorpios, who are worse- Lunar or Solar, and what is your opinion of Scorpio Ascendant people.


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