You are not a body having a soul, you are a soul having a body

The soul- these 21 gramms in our body, which are our bond to the universe or scientifically said, the quantum consciousness that is released from the body at the moment of physical death.

The Human Soul - Luis Ricardo Falero.1894

The Human Soul – Luis Ricardo Falero.1894

No doubt, most of us have lost a loved one, someone we grief for with all our heart and senses, someone who leaves a deep mark in our lifes. The absence is painful, but it is only a physical absence, because the soul never dies. The soul is immortal, because it is not material. It is an energy, a consciousness, an information, it is intangible and it is eternal. You cannot touch it, but you can feel it. We might be deprived from the physical presence of deceased loved ones, but we will never be deprived from their spiritual one. The body dies but the soul survives as long as we keep the memories in our mind. The memories and thoughts are energy and so is the soul.

Nowadays, when the science is developing so fast and technology allows much more precise and deeper research, the idea of the existence of soul and its reincarnation is no longer a myth but rather a fact. Dr Pim van Lommel conducted the largest hospital-based study of Near Death Experiences (NDE) in the second half of the 20th century after hearing the story of a patient who had been in a clinical death for six minutes. Dr Lommel interviewed mainly patients who survived heart attacks and who had been clinically dead for several minutes but came back to life. Most of the participants in the study reported seeing a tunnel and hearing beautiful music, some met deceased relatives, some observed beautiful colours or communicated with the light that embraced them. But all patients, after their NDE had a strong belief in afterlife and in the immortality and the reincarnation of the soul.

Human_Soul.II_Many studies, like the one Dr Lommel conducted, are trying to reveal the secrets of the soul. All information is locked deep inside every single one of us but most don’t even suspect about its existence. The more we grow older the more we forget. For me, the human life is similar to dreaming. When you wake up, your dream/s is/are still fresh in your mind; moreover, it feels as if you are still part of it/them. However, as the time is passing you start forgetting the details little by little until the dream becomes just a shadow in your mind. The same is with lives. In the first years of its birth, the baby is believed to remember its previous soul reincarnations but with the time the information is slowly erasing or is saved somewhere we can’t reach it.

It is in human nature to question everything that is surrounding us. If we cannot see or touch something we assume it doesn’t exist. And yet we have so many questions- what is the purpose to live if you are going to die, what is our mission in life, do we only live once, what happens when we die and so on. If we open our mind and release the information we have inside, the answers will show before us, but firstly we should learn to see and not with our eyes…

L. V. K.


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4 thoughts on “You are not a body having a soul, you are a soul having a body

  1. Let’s imagine that all the thesis about reincarnation are nothing else but a deception. Even in the real life we experience such moments and processes. For instance, I am not the same person who I used to be during the high school or the childhood years. I can never be that person again because the level of my consciousness has totally changed because the different experiences that I’ve been involved in.

    On one hand, we can accept that this part of my self is gone forever and this will be true in a way. But on the other hand, memories about these periods still exist within me and within people involved. Construction of life requires us to accept that we win and lose things every single moment and this is just the circle of life. Sometimes we don’t regret about some of the things we lost, but sometimes we do. Memories can be described as capacity of energy, and this is why we cannot free ourselves from them. As we all know from Physics ‘Energy never disappear’. We cannot change the past or to eliminate this energy/memory, but at least we are gifted with the ability to transform it and change the way we perceive it. Furthermore, we cannot touch our memories, our dreams etc., but the fact that they are not something material and tangible does not mean they are not real. Our previous life phases aim to teach or remind us about the things we need to know now. Well, sometimes they exist only to make us happy and give us a chance to relive again special moments with special people. This is what I personally call ‘Eternity’.

    This universe has a creator. Some people call it ‘god’, some other call it ‘a superior intelligence’ or ‘nature’. Humans are also gifted with the ability to create and to be creators. We create our present, we create our future, we create our own reality. The sooner we realise it, the better creators we will become.

    ‘Truth’ is a relative term, so people should endeavour to search and define their own truth. In the past I was very impatient with people. I always wanted to convince them in my own truth, without realising that not everyone had my experiences or sees and feels things the same way as I do. Now, I realise you cannot convince people in something they have never felt or being in touch with. Actually some did, but their level of consciousness and subconsciousness has not been developed enough yet to re-create and use this knowledge. Even when we live some moments together, we still perceive them differently just like a ‘Parallel Reality’.

    ‘All I know now is that you must always ask yourself questions and search about their answers. You may not find the truth, but at least your truth will find you’.- Danaya B


    • Hi Eric, glad you share my opinion and you liked the article! Unfortunately, nowadays so many people are close-minded and refuse to accept anything they cannot touch or see. The materialism is getting ridiculous, but hopefully there are still people ready to look beyond what they can’t see with their eyes…


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